The Green Lady is the proud house of the Green Lady , the only Sassone C33 stamp in green colour ever discovered and believed to be the only one in the world.


The stamp was designed by Riccardo Pitteri for the First Regular Issue of Fiume stamps.

2,6 x 3,3 cm postage stamp represented the Queen of Quarner bay , allegory for the romantic vision of Fiume .

1919. in Zanardini &Co printing house in Trieste , the Fiume brown was made by colours applied on the litographic stones.

Exact amount of each color on each plate ( stone in this case )  was supposed to result that all the sheets get the same colour.

Printing plates with the mixture of colours such as a drop of black , the blue, the yellow and the red was used in producing colours as the gray brown.

The method of print was not using the metal plates , but litographic limestone which has far larger tonal range and 4 different papers were used during that process:

  1. rough-surfaced – grey paper with yellow gum
  2. thin yellow paper
  3. thin porous paper
  4. thick white paper

3 cent gray brown stamp  was printed on all 4 of them and  Sassone C33 print ( on white paper ) was the last print and there was 609.400 pcs printed.

In that last print low amount of expensive red colour on the litographic limestone resulted the error of printing the Green Lady on one of the sheets.

The rest of the sheet looked probably normally , grey brown as expected , since it was sent to the post office , sold  and used.

The ˝Treskilling Yellow˝ 1857. used Swedish stamp which was supposed to be printed normally in a blue-green colour, was made in yellowish orange instead.

The reason for the mistake was the wrong choice of the printing plate or part of it during the printing process.

The result is one of the most valuable and famous stamps of the world.

Baden 9 Kreuzer and other wrong colour rarities remain among the most valuable stamps in the world.

The Green Lady is estimated to be worth 1.4 mil. € and the price will grow during the time as more and more Fiume philatelist join the passion of collecting the stamps from this famous area.

It is deposited in a safe of the Fiumestamps bank in Split, Croatia.

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