Since the WW2 , FIUME stamps value grew 1460%. In some period of time they just kept the value and grew suddenly afterwards, While in other periods they had regular annual growth between 5-20%.


With regular annual increase of prices ,  introduction of new colours  , perforations , shades and varieties worlds leading catalogues elevated Fiume stamps value annualy 20% in average and the trend continues. Investment philately as an alternative of bank savings and other banking investments , for getting the extra value  on Your investment, is a known thing for decades now.

Investing in chosen philately does not only save Your money , but has steady annual growth also and higher then in any investment or banking plan available out there. Fiume Invest Club is an informative center ot the FIUMESTAMPS web shop where we offer , to our Golden members, suggestions for the highest and safest profit by investing in chosen

Fiume stamps stamps which are expected to have big value growth.

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