FIUMESTAMPS is a member of the international trading organization of IPDA filatelia as a successor to excellence and trade exclusively with original brands in the web shop.

FIUMESTAMPS proudly announce the launch of the Analytical Philately project in collaboration with Graphics University of Zagreb.The project has gathered experts from fields of graphics, forenzics, chemistry, philately and history.
The ˝Uncertain Authenticity˝ name that has marked them for the past 100 years is removed with the latest technology forever from Fiume stamps by applying the method of philatelic forensics harmonized with world standards. New age tests give us solid scientific evidence proven with modern testing methodologies.More about this project You can discover through our Newsletter.


The company SAFE, Schwäbische Albumfabrik, was founded in 1953 by Friedrich Schneider and is still family owned today.
 Initially, albums and collection systems for the classic collection areas of stamps, postcards and coins were produced. Even today, production at the German sites in Bempflingen / Reutlingen is an essential cornerstone of the company philosophy. Constant further developments and controls guarantee the customer the sought-after, tailor-made solutions in consistent quality for your collecting hobby.

Since its origins in 1917 LEUCHTTURM has developed into one of the leading companies in the world for collective systems of philatelic and numismatic accessories. More than 6.000 articles carry the brand which has become word-wide the brand for high-quality standards: LEUCHTTURM.


LINDER collection systems – high quality, stylish and functional! For some it is collecting – for the others a passion.The world of collecting is highly interesting and full of exciting stories. What fascinates us collectors especially about our favorite pieces? Is it the rarity, the story or just the beauty? All the pieces have one thing in common: they inspire our collector’s heart. Out of this passion for collecting originate the proven LINDNER originals.